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History of our Chapter

The Brevard Bobbins was a neighborhood group of the Orlando Chapter started by Ann Giles and Ruth Gulbrand.  They worked hard to get the group started. We met at the Brevard Community College Campus and thanks to the college we were able to grow quickly.  It was a wonderful facility to hold our various events.   BCC also helped with our newsletter.
We had finally grown to the point of trying to be our own chapter.  It took a year to meet all the requirements to become a chartered chapter.  Kathy Matura was the start up President.  Thanks to Ann Giles, we got the job of reupholstering 120 chairs in the auditorium.  Due to the hard work and donations of time and money by many of our members, we become financially stable.
Originally all chapters had a volunteer librarian who stored and distributed books.  It was difficult to get books to our many members.  This was especially true as our chapter grew beyond Titusville.  One of our members at the time, Lucy Ray, worked at the Cocoa Research Library and purchased the books.  The library was able to purchase books for a more reasonable price, they would store and distribute the books. There was an agreement between the nearby counties so that members out of our county also had access to the books. It was decided to give the library money from our chapter to purchase sewing books.  We would give Lucy a list of books we would like to have available and she would chose some books. This would help the library and our members.  A label would be put in the book to get word of the Titusville Space Coast Chapter to other sewing enthusiast.
Ladies who have served as president are: Kathy Matura, Linda Harper, Patrice Pilate, Jan Newall, Lois Messer, Lillian Barker, and Marcia Barnaby. When BCC cancelled all sewing programs, Ann Giles, and Patrice Pilate went to the board and requested all sewing machines, table, etc be donated to ASG.  Now we needed a new home as we could no longer use the college campus.  Thanks to Ann Giles and Richard Dobsha we were able to move to the North Area Adult Education Center in Titusville. We were able to use the rooms so long as classes are filled to financially support the use of the rooms.  Kathy Matura was the only employee of Brevard County Schools teaching sewing. Starting in 2014, the Chapter is having to find a new location as the room at the North Area Adult Education Center is no longer available to us.



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